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My name is Michelle and I'm from Switzerland.
Since I’ve been a child, I was crazy about Icelandic Horses. It was always one of my dreams to go and watch a World Championship. Around my 18th birthday I informed myself about the upcoming World Championship 2013 in Berlin Karlshorst. Being of a legal age now, I got new opportunities: Being a volunteer and taking a look behind the scenes, instead of just watching as a spectator. I didn't hesitate for a long time, I simply wanted to be part of this adventure! Said and done - I was signed in. 

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Bitten by a bug (a summer to remember)

We're a family of four but only the three of us registered as volunteers:
Ingvar, the father: has very little experience with horses but thinks that they taste good.
Iris, the mom: has ridden, owned and trained Icelandic horses since she was about 10 years old.
Dagny, the 13 year old daughter: has a burning interest in all horses in general but the Icelandic horse is special to her. We were born in Iceland but moved to Denmark in 2007, where we live now.

Why did we volunteer?

Our daughter rides a mix-breed of english warm-blood and norwegian Fjordhorse at a local club and Iris, the mom, has ridden and trained Icelandic- horses growing up in Iceland and because of our interest in Icelandic- horses, we were at the WC 2015 in Herning, Denmark and saw the information booth for WC 2017.

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Part of the Whole

After graduating from school in 2014 I decided I wanted to go and live in another place than  the 400 inhabitants village on the outskirts of the city of Lübeck, situated on the coast of the Baltic Sea, that I grew up in.

I chose Iceland, 10 months of mountains, fjords, volcanic landscapes and a long, snowy but beautiful winter. I grew up riding horses but never sat on an Icelandic one until then. I didn’t have any knowledge about the whole Icelandic Horse scene, but I got taught and guided from all sides and so I became a quite acceptable Icelandic Horse rider.

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Simone Reinhart, 21 years from Wädenswil/ Kanton Zürich, Switzerland

It is no question, who once participated as a volunteer at the Icelandic Horse World Championships, is most likely infected by the virus. Obviously, not by the Icelandic horse virus - this has happened long ago - but by the World-Cup-Volunteer-Virus. Many acute symptoms, short-term and long-term effects can vary from volunteer to volunteer. So far astonished, enthusiastic, inspired, joyful, sociable and emotional faces have been diagnosed to be most frequent symptoms.

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See you in Berlin

Hi, I am Saskia, 33 years old, from Buchholz near Hamburg. I have been totally crazy about Icelandic horses for 28 years. In 2014, I had been a volunteer at Landsmót in Iceland and wanted to check whether there was a similar opportunity to volunteer for the World Championships. So I searched the web for the WM homepage and found it. Thus, Herning/Denmark here I come.

Already when signing up I you could choose your favorite job. So it was clear long time before the WC that I will be part of the ticketing team. Full of anticipation, I hit the road to Herning.

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