Helgi Björns 09./10.08.

Icelandic Evening with Helgi Björns

Iceland's musical superstar and at the same time great horse lover, Helgi Björns, will perform on WM2019 stage with his band on Friday night. And if you still remember 2013, you know: Helgi not only creates galactically good humor, but also has an almost inexhaustible repertoire of encores!

Following the show More Horsepower on Saturday evening, visitors can expect a very special extra: At the after show party, Helgi Björns will ensure a great atmosphere together with Icelandic artists Magni Ásgeirsson and Salka Sól.

Helgi is also the interpreter of the official WM2019 song. Here, for the time being, only so much is revealed: The title of the song is "Lover of the Wild."

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