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Hello everybody, my name is Michaela, I´m 58 years old and I live in a village near Bonn. Since 1986 I own Icelandic Horses, at the moment 7, and since 2011 we have our own tiny stable.

At the WC 2013 in Berlin, I had the idea to volunteer at the next Championships. I realized this premise and so I became a team-member of the WC 2015 in Herning. My first job was giving out the volunteer clothes. When this position was no longer in demand, I changed to the betting booth what was a totally new experience. I haven´t seen this before on any Icelandic Horses WC. In our free time we met all together at the grandstands and watched and cheered all the great horses.

The next WC in Oirschot also welcomed me. This time for two weeks. The complete formation and construction phase was exciting. Each day the picture was completed more and more. As a member of the Camping-Team we picked up the campers and placed them on their space.

I never regretted the decision of being a volunteer at the Championships. To see behind the curtain and be a part of the construction and event phase, see the training (in Oirschot, our catering tent was right in front of the training track), talk-shop with likeminded, everytime again!

I made a lot of friends and contacts and hope to see many of them again in Berlin 2019.

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