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From volunteer to being a rider

Hello, my name is Lena, I'm 21 years old and I'm from Vienna. 2015 I was at the World Championships in Herning for the first time. I came up with the idea in the autumn 2014, while I was working in Iceland and planed with some, mainly German girls, that we all would meet again at the World Championships in Herning.

At the time, that was more like a crazy idea, nevertheless we registered online as a volunteer. In the end Anne from Lübeck & I were together in Denmark 2015.

Crucial for me was the point that I wanted to get a taste of this World Cup feeling, I wanted to know what it's like when so many Icelandic Horse fans come together and celebrate this special breed and the sport as much as I do. And my expectations were not disappointed. Since we often had the night shift in the security team, the whole day remained for us to watch horses and it was unbelievable. In the evenings we sat together, I joked about meeting all again in two years in Oirschot - but then I would be there as a rider.

Well, and now I can say that last year, in 2017, I saw many volunteers from 2015 in Oirschot. And I can also say that I was really there as a rider for Team Austria. My mare, which came 2015 from Iceland has developed into a true racing pass horse and so we tried in the disciplines P1, P2 and PP1. It was so nice to see so many familiar faces again, which kind of took a bit of this immense pressure of me. I knew that my volunteer colleagues from 2015 would be crazy for me and would keep their fingers crossed for every one of my competitions, no matter if they were from Austria, Germany or somewhere else.

It was also very exciting to see everything from a 'rider’s perspective' this time. Again the volunteers were incredibly friendly and I knew exactly how much work these people put into the event, just because they love to do it.

Anyway, my ambition is to ride in Berlin in 2019 as well. However, if this is not going to happen, I would consider again supporting the volunteer team. Simply because it's so much fun to deal with such great and dedicated people and still get an exciting & slightly different insight into the event.

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