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Helping friends with a big event

Hi! I’m Hildur and am 20 years old. I come from Iceland, but I live in the south of Sweden where I am studying to become a nurse. I’ve loved horses for as long as I can remember and Icelandic horses have always been my favorite kind of horse, because they are so unique in my opinion.

During 2014 I was thinking about which kind of ticket I wanted to buy for the world championships for Icelandic horses in Herning in 2015. On the webpage I found a section where I could sign up as a volunteer. I decided to do so, and I got a great job in the ticket-team. Work did not feel like work. The work I did almost felt more like helping friends with a big event! 

On my way to Herning in 2015 I was quite nervous. I did not know anyone at the event. When I arrived I was met by Heinz, who organised the camping in Herning. I got a really nice spot where the horses walked by all day long (I didn’t complain about the nice view ;)). Soon enough I met a lot of great people, who live all around Europe. We were all there for the same reason, to see the Horses and experience the great event from backstage, as well as being on the tribunes.

Two years later I signed up for the world championships in the Netherlands. This time I went to the event with Saskia, who I met in Herning. We made the trip from Hamburg with a few stops on the way as a mini-vacation. Among the stops were Bremen and Amsterdam which was a really nice experience. We arrived quite early in Oirschot and saw a lot of the construction that was done the last week. The location of the food-area for the volunteers in Oirschot was spot on! It was right at the training tracks, so during breakfast we saw some warmups, during lunch we saw the different teams train before the event and this kept on for all the days we were there.

 In Oirschot I was a part of the information team. This task was fun and I learned a lot about the area and once again I met a lot of great people. As a last minute decision, I decided to be a part of a choir, which performed at the opening ceremony at the tracks. This experience was awesome! The song was about the Icelandic horse, and it was also the theme song for the world championships in 2017!

I have already signed up to be a volunteer in Berlin in 2019. Will I see you there?

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