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Hello dear Isi fans!

I'm Bernadette, 26 years old and from Berlin. Since I had a “home game” in 2013 and only needed 20 minutes to the World Championship grounds, I had registered as a volunteer.

My work started a while before the Championships, when we took care of a stand at the ITB and made good advertising for the World Cup.

At the Championships itself, I was assigned as an instructor at the campsite. Because of that I was relatively far away from the action, but there were enough breaks in which you could watch and visit something. So I was able to welcome all visitors und got infected of their excitement and good mood.

We've been through pretty much all kinds of weather during the time. In the beginning the volunteer shirts were too warm and we were drenched in sweat. In the end we had to wear rain jackets to collect the tents, which flew away from the storm.

My personal highlight was the ride at the Brandenburg Gate! We met there early in the morning when the city was still asleep to build all the barriers. After that we could stay to look at the ride and the speeches. I was born and raised in Berlin, but that you couldn’t see every day, so I did not want to miss that!

The time as a volunteer was great! I met a lot of people and we had a lot of fun together! I hope to be back in 2019!

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