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Part of the Whole

After graduating from school in 2014 I decided I wanted to go and live in another place than the 400 inhabitants village on the outskirts of the city of Lübeck, situated on the coast of the Baltic Sea, that I grew up in.

I chose Iceland, 10 months of mountains, fjords, volcanic landscapes and a long, snowy but beautiful winter. I grew up riding horses but never sat on an Icelandic one until then. I didn’t have any knowledge about the whole Icelandic Horse scene, but I got taught and guided from all sides and so I became a quite acceptable Icelandic Horse rider.

In winter the application phase for the world championship 2015 in Herning, Denmark, started. I flew back to Germany in the beginning of July, the World Championship took place in the beginning of August, so my Austrian friend Lena convinced me to go and work in Herning with her, also to ease the ‘Fernweh’ to Iceland (a very nice word in German, describing being homesick but to other places you’ve been to, basically “longing for somewhere far away”).

We had a wonderful week with a lot of Danish sun, a good atmosphere, nice people and –of course- magnificent horses. The feeling of working together with all the other volunteers and the excellent mood in the volunteer tent made it clear for me that I also wanted to take part in the next World Championship.

Currently I live and study in Düsseldorf which happens to be only one and a half hours away from Oirschot, the Netherlands, where the World Championship 2017 took place. What I liked most about volunteering so far is the vibe to the whole thing. Everybody has to do their job so that the event can pass smoothly. A shift being in the rain controlling tickets is of course not the nicest thing to do, but that is the deal and then you can look even more forward to the well-deserved coffee, tea or ‘Feierabend-Bier’ (the beer consumed after your work-hours are done, also a handy german word). It is fun to be a part of the whole, to be a member of the crew and additionally be allowed to watch an exciting event – and for me personally it is a bit like a short vacation trip back to Iceland.

In Oirschot I met people that I got to know in Herning, I made new friends and socialised with co-workers that I am sure I‘m going to see again in two years in Berlin. I want to be there for the World Championship (hopefully my studies will allow it) just because of the great experiences I remember from the last two times and because the feeling on Monday evening –after everything is put down, the stables are cleaned and the grounds are tidy again- is fantastic, when you sit down together with the remaining volunteers, having a barbecue and celebrating that the event passed by successfully.

Picture: Anne, Teikno, Lena

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