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Cheers to friendship

Author: Iris Jonsdottir

You may have noticed that there are quite a lot of Icelandic spectators in the stands. So chances are that you will be clinking glasses with an Icelander, at least a couple of times during the world championship. Here‘s a couple of pointers for what you can do to make great friends:

* If it sounds as if the Icelander says “Go and die”, you don‘t have to be afraid. He‘s only greeting you with a “Good day”.

** Whatever you do, don’t refer to the Icelandic horse as a pony. This will most likely the most annoying thing for them to hear. Icelandic horses are one of the oldest purebreds in the world and have belonged to Iceland ever since the Vikings set foot on the island.

*** Always bring a bottle of “Black Death” ... you will see, why.

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