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Combinations explained

Lisa Drath knows how to add the right tests to win a combination prize in the end.

Author: Theresa Juen

The four- and five-gait combination is fascinating for many. Lisa Drath, one of the most successful German Icelandic horse riders, explains the background of this test and how the combinations are calculated.

„It‘s actually easy,“ - she says, - „in the four gait combination you add up the preliminary scores of your own Tölt test - T1 or T2 - with the score from the Four-Gait competition. The five gait combination is a little bit more difficult to calculate. For this you first add T1 or T2 with the score from the Five Gait competition. In addition there is the score from the Pace test, Speed Pace or Pace Race.“ For the latter two, the result is converted into points with the special software - IceTest. The best Pace result is then included. Whoever has the highest overall score of Tölt and Four Gaits or Tölt, Five Gaits and Pace at the end is the combination winner.

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