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Come, sing and dance with us

Author: Elisabeth Hilsdorf

Helgi Björns inspires the audience with his performances: Helgi, you are an actor, singer and breed Icelandic horses yourself. What inspired you for the latter?

My daughter rode regularly in competitions. In 2011, I bought her a very good mare. Unfortunately, the mare got injured and was not allowed to compete. So we started to breed with her under the name frá Skálabrekku Eystri.

What does this name mean?

My wife comes from the Skálabrekka region, we have some land there. It is located directly on Þingvallavatn, the big lake west of Reykjavik.

In your song „Lover of the Wild“ do you talk to a horse or a woman?

You can understand it both ways. But actually, I meant the wild as a whole. You ride, to find someone you love, to find someone you desire, or you want to show someone the wilderness of the Icelandic plateau - the interpretation is up to you!

How would you classify your music?

In the 35 years of my career I pursued so many different projects and types of music. Mostly it‘s pop/rock, but I‘ve also tried swing, blues, country and more. But one thing is for sure: most of the songs I did with the Reiðmenn Vindanna are great for riding!

You were one of the owners of the Admiralspalast in Berlin. Do you still have bonds with this city?

Yes, I still rent an apartment in Schöneberg, I like this area very much! There are still real Berliners around.

You will be up twice at the WM2019 - Friday and Saturday. What can we expect?

On both evenings I will perform with Salka Sól and Magni Ásgeirsson - with my own songs as well as classic ones, a good mixture of Icelandic and other music.

How do you create this good atmosphere?

If I tell you, it‘s no secret anymore!

Does being an actor help you?

I have very different approaches in my professions. Most of it is surely based on experience. “Party” comes from „to participate“, and that is very important to me in my shows. I want a close connection between stage and audience. Come and dance and sing with us, be part of the atmosphere!

Thank you very much for this interview!

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