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How Icelandic horses came to Finland – and to WM2019

In the 1980s Sirpa Brumpton prepared the way of the Icelandic horse to Finland. Now she leads the Finnish team.

Author: Jan Erik Collin

Sirpa Brumpton is a multinational woman with an English surname who grew up in Finland and lives in Sweden. She is also a team leader of the Finnish team. And she is the one who took the initiative in the early 1980s to introduce the Icelandic horse in Finland. Back in the days, Finland prohibited the import of new horse breeds by law. This law was circumvented by calling the breed an “Icelandic pony“. For Sirpa, the Icelandic horse fits the Finnish mentality: it is cool, strong in its character and withstands the cold climate of the country.

Sirpa was appointed Finnish team leader two years ago. Her goal: to put together a strong and competitive team for the WM2019 from a country with limited resources. Now she is here in Berlin with six riders who have come a long way. Some had 40 hours of travel. The Finnish team wants to give their best. They want to resist the stress of a competition of the best riders in the world. And the pressure created by the thousands of spectators. The WM2019 wishes the Finnish team every success!

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