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How the WM horses live at the grounds

The Hilton among the horse stables: the new built riding therapy center.

Author: Elisa Oxe

There is this idea that Icelandic horses are easy-to-keep pack animals – but that is not always true. Especially sport horses that show first-class performances at the WM2019, require special feed and care.

In Berlin Karlshorst, the WM2019 grounds, the horses can be accommodated according to their particular needs. Schlosser Holzbau finished spacious and air-conditioned stables just in time for the championships. There are many permanent boxes that are complemented by a range of mobile boxes to stable more than 250 horses.

Only the Icelandic team houses their horses in a place apart, in the so-called old stables, since they come from Iceland directly and have to be kept isolated from the others. The horses are not used to continental viruses and bacteria. Keeping them apart means trying to create Icelandic conditions – to that end, hay and water from Iceland have been brought along, too.

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