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More Horsepower – Filled with wonder

Spectacular acrobatics in the evening.

Author: Nadine Engel

Tonight at 7pm we will finally get to see the magical show More Horsepower. In 2013, the opening show was already a fantastic experience, and this year it is notched up yet again. Let yourself be taken to another world by heavenly horses and masterly performances.

The direction of the show is entirely in the hands of Meike Àrnason, who has been choreographing the famous APASSIONATA and CAVALLUNA shows for 15 years. Accompanied by enchanting film music, we will meet many great stars of the international show world tonight.

For example, the action stars of the Hasta Luego Academy, the best stunt riders in Europe, or Laury Tisseur‘s spectacular Roman Riding. We are expecting the dressage stars from the Celle State Stud and the pony show team well-known from the Equitana.

We will be charmed by Jean-François Pignon, master of liberty work. And of course you will get to see Icelandic horses, too. We can look forward to well-known as well as up-and-coming stallions. In addition, an Icelandic horse drill with 16 horses of the LV Berlin-Brandenburg will ride to the song of „Mary Poppins“. And certainly, at the fast-paced carriage race the Icelandic team will also be drawn by Icelandic horses. As you can see, it will be colorful and spectacular.

Not only for the audience is it a unique experience, also for the show stars it is something special to perform in the context of a World Championship.

Voices of the show:

„It was so much fun during the preparation and I am so grateful that I got the chance to ride in such a big drill and such an major show," - says Sophie Grunhold, member of the Icelandic Horse Quadrille.

“I know Icelandic horses because of the Cavalluna, but here I get to know the breed’s sports, too,“ - Laury Tisseur.

„This scenery is really impressive, it‘s a great experience to be part of a World Championship,“ - Jean-François Pignon


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