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More Horsepower – The stars of the show

From France into the world - How a very special man shows the world boundless freedom

Growing up in modest conditions in idyllic West France, he has fascinated thousands of horse lovers across Europe with breathtaking liberty dressage for more than 20 years:

With none other than Jean-François Pignon as the main act of the More Horsepower show on Saturday, 10 August 2019, one of the top stars of the international show rider scene will fascinate the WM2019-audience with a spectacular performance of his 12 horses.

Pignon, the "master of liberty dressage," is like hardly any other to paint such a harmonious picture of liberty work with horses, which at the same time impresses with such a variety of original and acrobatic elements. His special talent made him a celebrated public favorite not only at international fairs such as Equitana and horse gala shows like Apassionata, but also a sought-after teacher worldwide. Thus, Pignon's popularity now extends far beyond Europe's borders.

Pignon's development from a common boy in France to a star of the show rider scene is particularly astonishing against the background of his biography: The young Pignon began liberty work with horses at the age of 13 in the absence of a horseman equipment after his father gave him the foal "Gazelle," which he saved from the butcher. The relationship between Pignon and Gazelle was so unique from the very beginning that both at a young age amazed the crowds with acrobatic performances and an enviable harmony in "La Mer de Sable," a well-known French amusement park. Also on his European tours in the following years, Gazelle and her foals proved to be loyal companions of Pignon. Although they are no longer an active part of Pignon's show team, the magic between the Frenchman and his horses is unbroken and will certainly give the WM2019-audience unforgettable moments as part of the More Horsepower show. 

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