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Organization and Construction right on schedule  

Whenever the organizers of WM 2019 get together, you can feel their joyful anticipation and motivation. Even after a successful event back in 2013, our team led by Bernhard Fliß of ISB e.V. as the official host is very clear in its vision and its responsible use of a comprehensive „check list“ from a few years ago to create an even better event this time where participants and guests from near and far shall feel right at home.

Their optimism behind ordering the identical size of stands as in the summer of 2013 for a capacity of more than 14,000 spectators is based on very good numbers at this stage already. Project manager Carsten Eckert at the team meeting in Berlin this past week expressed his joy and gratitude for the trust of the international Icelandic-horse community: „It’s really amazing how many fans are looking forward to coming back to the World Championships in Berlin-Karlshorst. We are still more than one-and-a-half years away from the event and we’re already closing in on the mark of 2,000 pre-sold tickets. That means tremendous motivation to offer all early birds and all further WM guests a first-class program when they get here. And we will fulfill that promise!"

Right there at the WM venue and in the Karlshorst district many projects are ongoing and there is a whole new vibe compared to 2013. Starting with a completely renovated train and tram station right outside the WM gates, moving on to numerous new shops, hotels, restaurants and redecorated buildings that welcome all visitors with a much more modern look and feel to the equestrian center itself that in parts is hard to recognize in its upgraded optics and functionality. Most of the „underground“ construction and installations have been completed and now it’s on to building two riding halls plus „active stables“, a large dressage arena including paddocks as well as a training oval with direct access to the competition track. This will commence in March.

It is a huge investment that the owners and the City of Berlin are making in upgrading and expanding the equestrian center that next year to all participants and guests of WM 2019 will be showing a much friendlier face than ever before. Of course, spectators will also benefit from all the construction that’s going on right now, but the focus is on creating a permanent infrastructure of the highest standards for all participating horses and riders.

Behind the semi-roofed grand stand we will have a large tent with outdoor patio and access to a rich-in-variety food court. This serves as a major catering zone during daytime and at night it will turn into our showcase for concerts and other entertaining events. The large hall underneath the permanent grand stand at Karlshorst this time will be reserved for volunteers and their catering with the area around this building serving as the volunteers’ camp, so they will have everything within short distances as well. The area for exhibitors and shopping will be greatly expanded compared to 2013, because as of now booking numbers already suggest greater demand than at the last WM in Berlin. Furthermore, the offerings in our food sections will be larger in volume and greater in variety than before, their availability will also be expanded into earlier opening and later closing times during WM week.

Excitement is rising - Berlin 2019 certainly will be something to enjoy!

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