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The Magic 10 – One Moment in Time

International judge Lutz Lesener explains the perfect ride.

Author: Elisa Oxe

For a 10, we want to see a satisfied horse that focusses completely on the rider. Together, they show a high degree of precision. It is not only about the quality of gaits, but also the correct performance of the tasks. Did they ride fine transitions, was it the right tempo?

“When the judge gets goosebumps, then the ride is amazing”, says Lutz Lesener. A ride like that is awarded with a 10. “Perfection is rare”, he says. That is why we don’t see a 10 every day. Moreover, for the very high ratings, the judge guidelines contain comments such as “very subtle”. And these kind of things are a in the eye of the beholder and every judge may see this slightly differently.

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