Shopping till late at night

Author: Nadine Engel

Tonight, it‘s worth staying a little longer. From 6 to 10 pm the Shopping Night takes place and on this occasion many stalls have great surprises.

The highlights are the fashion show of PS, Quittpad and Heval at 9 p.m. and the live music and snacks at Hrímnir. Furthermore, there will be a sports bag on top for every purchase. Snacks and prosecco are also on offer at Tölt the World.

You see - a visit to the trade fair area is definitely worth it.

Special offers:

Heval: 10% auf alles
Sportsfreund Studios: Rabatt auf Fleecedecken
BlueSafir: Rabatt auf die Herrenkollektion
Sattelkompass: Rabatt auf Boots, Kindersattel
Brogaard: 10% auf Strickpakete
Hilbar: 10% auf alles
Ekhols Prob: Starterkid 15%
Iceline : 20% auf alle Casco Helme
Sonnenreiter: gratis Flip Flops ab 100 Euro Einkaufswert
Karlsund: Rabatt auf Comfort Trensen, Woll- pullover, braune Ledergürtel
Edelzozze: Rabatt auf Handytaschen
HandArt: Rabatt auf Basic Halfter mit Longe, Zügel
Blue Hors: gefüllte Groombag und andere tolle Preise
Mitgaard: ein Gemälde
SecretGarden: Armreif aus Edelstahl
Nordic Horse: Decksprünge
Melasól: früherer Wartelistenplatz

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Bet on the right horse

Hannah Österberg started on a shetland pony. Now she is one of the most promising Young Riders.

Author: Jan Erik Collin

The young pass rider Hannah Österberg was able to win four Swedish and one Nordic championships. The 20-year-old Swedish rider comes from Dalarna in Sweden. At the WM19 she rides as a Young Rider. We met her for an interview.

You started at the age of five on a shetland pony. What made you switch to Icelandic hor- ses later?

We tried to find a horse which should suit me as a little girl both in size and temper. I went on different competitions with that horse. We tried jumping and after a while I realized that Tölt was very fun to train and doing compe- tition with.
What horse have you brought with you and in which events are you going to compete the coming days?

I have my fantastic mare Vespa from Bolan- det ,17 y.o. and we are going to participate and compete and show how good we are in Stilpace (PP1),250 m Pace and Speedpace.

What are your timing results?

We have been doing 7.73 sek in Speedpace at the fastest track in Sweden. We also won the Nordic Championship in 250 m pace on 23,38 sek. It is like driving a sportscar when Vespa takes on pace from canter! Now we are going to participate in all three competiti- ons on Thursday to Sunday.

What are your goals and objectives?

The recent days Vespa has been doing really well so we are going put all forces in to take place ́s on the podiums.

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