Starting order ridden abilities 2nd round 5 years mares and stallions, and 6 years mares (August 8)

This is the starting list for the Ridden abilities 5 years old mares and stallions, and 6 years old mares, 2nd round. 

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Farewell at the WM2019

The Icelander arrived together with her horse. She has to return alone.

Author: Íris Jónsdóttir

Ásdís Ósk Elvarsdóttir is a young rider from Iceland and there are high hopes for her and her mare Koltinna frá Varmalækur, but Ásdís doesn’t let that influence her. She is focused and welcomes the adventure. But in the very near future, Ásdís ́s and Koltinnas paths will separate, because by law the mare isn ́t allowed to go back to Iceland.

Therefore, Ásdís must return home without her companion which she both owned and has trained for the last three years. Their paths entwined by a lucky chance, as Ásdís ́s horse got injured just before a competition and Koltinna became available to her. “It was meant to be. It brought us here”, she says. Ásdís soon bought 50 percent of Koltinna and decided to set a goal high: the World Championships: “I had to decide between keeping Koltinna and use her for breeding, or to grab this once in a lifetime opportunity and take her abroad. But it’s a decision you take and stick to it. You just don’t think about it while you ́re here and under this much pressure. It’s the name of the game”. She continues: “Even though it’s difficult and sad to say goodbye to your horse and leave him behind, I think that it’s all worth it in the end. The experience is the reward in itself; competing on your own, well trained horse at such a big and important competition. I would say, that for me, it’s the ultimate experience. The ultimate dream”.

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Experience icelandic life in Vikingyr

Author: Nadine Engel

Thumping of the wooden sticks on the blue shields - the children are finally free to play. We are now in the middle of small village next to the Oval Track. A little piece of Iceland that is run by kids. They are encouraged to try themselves in traditional kinds of handcraft, making necklaces, felting, production of paper and being a real Viking. But what hides behind the name Vikingyr?

Vikingyr – the idea that goes back to 2015 to the Icelandic trip of the family Rauch – is a combination of the word “Viking” and an Icelandic jogurt “Skyr”. This is how the Vikings are: without them we would have neither horses nor sheep, nor would we have this weird word combination.

This little village stands here, in the middle of WM because Vikingyr, as one of WM’s sponsors, didn’t just want open a place for food degustation, but they were inspired to show that there is more to Iceland, than just lamb-import to Germany. The village is an incorporation of the brand’s idea, as well as of the Icelandic life-style. We even meet the middle-age enchanting story-teller Fabulix! Close to the village you can also find a Kids-Corner. Here they can get a fairy-taily make-up and play. It’s a small peaceful Wonderland for kids and families, where they can hide from the demanding atmosphere of sport.

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