The regional championship Berlin-Brandenburg 2018 

The last big tournament on the tracks of the WM2013

From Friday to Sunday more than 200 pairs of equestrian horses competed for ribbons, medals and national championship titles organized by the Berliner Islandpferde Freunde (BIF) e.V. on the tracks of the World Championships 2013. This time also with all pass competitions, including the 150m and 250m pass race, started from the brand-new starting box of the BIF e.V. with incredibly good times. The horses and riders liked the well-prepared oval and pass tracks. Under the proven leadership of Sonja Stenzel and Stefan Laube we experienced an exciting, top-class and versatile tournament. 

The WM2019 was of course always a topic and many questions provided material for discussions, e.g. "Can you still improve the tracks? How does the new training track fit into the terrain and will it be as good as the old competition track? Will the organisers be able to keep their promises? Will the inclusive therapy and riding center be completed on time to house all competition horses in 2019? Should you buy tickets now and is the group discount worth it?...........?” and much more. Ulla Gomis-Fliß and Bernhard Fliß from the board of the Islandpferde Sportverein Berlin (ISB) e.V. were available for two days to answer questions.

Of course the ISB e.V. supported the tournament with prizes and free tickets for the big World Championship horse show "More Horsepower" on 10.08.2019. The tickets were won in a draw at the riding party on Saturday.



Thanks to Isi-Photopoint for the pictures!

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TopReiter is the main sponsor of WM2019

The number 1 in the international Icelandic-horse marketplace for saddles, clothing and equipment has once again agreed to be our main sponsor in the summer of 2019, and we are extremely happy to have TopReiter on board as a generous partner for this great international event. Just now, Kóki Ólason as the founder and principal owner of TopReiter and ISB e.V. have signed their partnership agreement. This won’t only secure a high brand presence and visibility at the WM venue including the very best shopping opportunities for all WM guests, but TopReiter furthermore and once again will be managing the large-scale project of dressing our officials and volunteers with a high-value clothing package for the WM2019 week. We are very much looking forward to this partnership, hereby extending a major „takk fyrir“ to Kóki. Welcome to Berlin, TopReiter!

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Happy Easter

WM tickets: perfect Easter gift out of the net and into your nest

No need to go searching in remote corners of your forest or garden if you feel like finding a fantastic Easter gift for yourself or for your friends. At the very top of our list of recommendations, we have the highly coveted tickets for the 2019 World Championships for Icelandic horses. Compared to previous events, many more tickets have already been pre-ordered at this time than ever before. Quite obviously, this is due to the major advantage of securing your desired individual seating while combining that certainty with the overall joy of anticipating yet another great competition event in Berlin. Use this opportunity and get your tickets now - we wish you all a Happy Easter and are very much looking forward to welcoming you back to WM 2019 in the heart of the German capital!


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