WM2019 Tölter as Jewelry

Based on the WM2019 logo, the tölter SNILLD was created in the jewelry workshop of Fine Fellows as WM2019 pendant. It takes many work steps until the finished jewelry is polished to a high gloss, or matted, and becomes a faithful companion.

The artist Constanze Charlotte describes the development process of SNILLD:

“When I saw the tölter of the WM2019 logo for the first time, I immediately had the idea for a piece of jewelry. Fortunately, I could convince the lovely people from the Icelandic Horse Sports Club Berlin (ISB e.V.) of my idea to produce this year's World Championships tölter as a necklace pendant. Very soon I went to the goldsmith's table to work on the model.

All pieces of jewelry in the Fine Fellows Onlineshop are produced by centrifugal casting. As a first step I make a master model, which is molded in a rubber mold. Each individual piece is then poured out in this form in wax before it - in the process of the lost form - can go into the centrifugal casting and is poured there in sterling silver. After casting, each individual piece is finished by hand in various steps. This is also how the SNILLD pendant was created.

The tölter -SNILLD is a mare- is worked very sober in relief and slightly rounded on the flat sides. This gives her a subtle three-dimensionality in the graphic representation. The pendants are polished to a high gloss in the final step. It is also possible to order a matt finish. The gold-plated versions are gold-plated with a beautiful rich yellow- or rose gold.

SNILLD is already a classic which reflects the strength, motivation and pure joy of our Icelandic horses. The Icelander has a length of 2cm and a height of 1.6cm.”

SNILLD is available in a limited edition until August 11th at the Fine Fellows Onlineshop:, or during the World Championships at the Fine Fellows booth.

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Launch of Campsite Bookings

The long-awaited information on camping on the grounds of the Icelandic Horses World Championships 2019 in Berlin is now ready, the bookings can start.

At first, the booking option is exclusive to those who have already reserved a camping pitch. Further information and booking documents will be sent by e-mail to the campers in order of reservations and within a period of time the reservations can be converted into final bookings.

After this period, the information will also be published on this website and the direct booking will be unlocked. Reservations are, of course, still possible until then. Therefore, please send an e-mail with stating the number of camping pitches you want, if necessary a stand location note and your billing address to Britta Bauch,

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WM2019 goes Equitana

The EQUITANA in Essen, Germany, the world's largest equestrian sports fair, has just come to an end and the World Championships for Icelandic Horses 2019 was there with a stand.

We did a lot of promotion, had nice conversations and last but not least we enjoyed the great atmosphere in the Icelandic village. The Icelandic horse was really well presented by Lena Maxheimer and team as well as by the show group Wäller Wind, that also had the chance to participate at the CHIO in Aachen before.
Many visitors approached us with questions that we were able to answer directly on site. For those who could not be there, there is of course the possibility to contact us at any time via with questions and suggestions.

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