Building bridges: Oirschot - Berlin - Herning

It was a historic meeting that took place in Berlin this week as a part of our preparations for this year’s World Championships: Representatives from Holland 2017, Germany 2019 and Denmark 2021 joined in the first-ever simultaneous get-together of three WM organizing committees in order to exchange experiences, expectations and ideas. A true milestone for international dialogue and for building bridges between past, present and future World Championships.

Coen Buijsse, Marc Dusseau and Niek van Nunen (Oirschot), Bernhard Fliß, Carsten Eckert and Linda Guth (Berlin) as well as Rasmus Møller Jensen and Stine Sandahl (Herning) first sat down on Tuesday evening for a meeting over dinner at (new FEIF favorite) Frühsammers Restaurant. On Wednesday they first went for a tour of the WM arena and facilities at this summer’s venue before continuing on to detailed work on the project(s) at hand with valuable input from everyone present.

A fantastic idea for a stronger sense of community and for increased efficiency!




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FEIF guests amazed at progress of WM venue

A tour of this summer’s World Championship venue was the final chapter of the FEIF conference that ended in Berlin today. Project manager Carsten Eckert invited all guests from 14 countries to catch an exclusive look behind the scenes of the tremendous progress in construction of two new riding halls plus outside dressage arenas, stables with a capacity of around 150 boxes, new and renovated competition and training tracks as well as state-of-the art wellness and treatment facilities for the competing horses.

It will be the WM 2019 participants who will be the first tenants of these buildings, something that both conceptually and infrastructure-wise today’s visitors clearly appreciated and what was met with great applause. The response from within FEIF has been overwhelming, so let’s all look forward to coming together again right here in Berlin from 4-11 August this summer!

More pictures:

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WM2019 day passes now available in our ticket shop

Only six months now until the kickoff of this year’s World Championships for Icelandic horses in Berlin. With great joy and anticipation shared by visitors from near and far, the grand stands are already filling up much faster than six years ago around the same time.

WM organizers would also like to give those a chance to find their perfect fit concerning a purchase of tickets who might still be wondering if they’ll be able to make it to Berlin for the full week or maybe enjoy a reduced schedule. Therefore, the ticket shop from now on no longer includes week and weekend passes only, but in order to facilitate individual planning, WM guests can also purchase single day passes.

All those that may be interested in seeing the breeding show and some sports preliminaries on Tuesday but will only be able to return for Saturday evening’s More Horsepower show and for the finals on Sunday, can now establish and order their personal „ticket menu“. The largest savings, of course, remain included in the purchase of week and weekend passes.

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