Kids only!

On your own at the kid‘s corner.

Author: Nadine Engel

Kids, you don‘t want to sit in the stands all the time or walk across the marketplace with your parents? You just want to do your own thing? No problem at all. In the Kid‘s Corner at the Vikingyr village near the entrance small and grown children are very welcome. Whether you are a horse fan, or not, everyone has fun in the Kid‘s Corner.

Would you like a Winkinger beard? We have the make-up ready. Playing catch or simply rest - everyone will find their favourite activity outside. Would you rather let off steam creatively? The craft corner is just waiting for you.

Just come along - with or without your parents. Here, it's a place for riding enthusiasts, new friends, peers and growing up Vikings. In the Kid‘s Corner you will be well looked after.

Sounds good? Then come! The Kid‘s Corner is open daily from 9 am to 6 pm.

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The magic of natural balance

Author: Charlotte Erdmann

This is the first time he has taken part in the World Championships and he loves T2: Stefan Schenzel from the German Kronshof. But it is not as much the T2 that fascinates him as the horses that have mastered the reins so perfectly: „These horses have a good balance and can balance themselves well,“ he says.

The magic behind it: „When the horses find their own balance and have the self-confidence to simply continue to run in the atmosphere of a World Championships even without contact with the rider,“ he says. His mare Óskadis vom Habichtswald possesses this special mental strength. Today around 15 o‘clock she will certainly present this in the T2 impressively.

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Iceland goes down under

Up till now Australia was no player in the Icelandic horse sport. But this is about to change.

Author: Viktoriia Vinokurova

Icelandic soul is now intercontinental! This year, we have volunteers who traveled 15,000 kilometers all the way from Australia to represent their country at the WM2019. The Australians Laura and Brigit have high hopes for their country to participate in the next World Championship as a competitor.

“A lot of people don’t even know that we have Icelandic horses!”, they laugh.

They were excited to be a part of Icelandic community this year, saying that, even intercontinental, it is still one big family. Considering Australian passion for sports, the girls are sure, that if they put their country on the map, their fellow citizens will follow and support them. Currently, they try to solve a lot of difficulties in their country in this area, such as high prices on gear, lack of education about the gaits etc.

“We have to promote more, than just Icelandic horses, we have to establish Australia as a part of the community”, they say.

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