Dear media representatives,

We are pleased about your interest in the World Championship of Icelandic Horses in Berlin, which will take place from 4 to 11 August 2019 at the Pferdesportpark Berlin-Karlshorst.

We are pleased about all media representatives, who will report about our event appropriately. Please note, however, that accreditation is for journalistic reporting purposes only. We therefore reserve the right to adapt these guidelines without public announcement and to revoke accreditations/registrations already granted at any time.

The following persons are entitled to media accreditation: 

Persons from Germany or abroad who are able to carry out their journalistic activities related to Icelandic horses and/or equestrian sports by presenting the following proofs:

  • Article published under your name on the subject (not older than six months at the start of the event).
  • Imprint containing your name as an editor, employee or author (not older than three months at the start of the event).
  • Written order of a full editorial office in the original with reference to the Icelandic Horses World Championship,
  • Weblink to an online publication which is established in the equestrian sector and has an adequate reach (only possible as a pre-accreditation due to the examination effort, requirements see below): These media should exist for at least three months, show regular entries and the last text with reference to horses must not be more than three months old.
  • For pupils: documents no more than six months old to prove work for a school newspaper or membership of a youth press organisation.
  • Valid press card (2019!) from a German or foreign journalists' association.

Note: Credentials should be presented in German or English. The WC organisers reserves the right in individual cases to also demand presentation of a valid photo ID. There is no automatic right to accreditation. If necessary, WM2019 will exercise its domiciliary rights. We would like to point out that the presentation of a press card is generally not the sole basis for accreditation. The organizer reserves the right to request further proof to verify the journalistic activity. Press accreditations granted in the past for a World Championship of Icelandic Horses do not guarantee a renewed commitment or a waiver of the accreditation requirements.

Important for blogs, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter:
An onsite-accreditation will not be possible. Please register online in advance. For proofing the range of your account we'll require: a link to your account, a reach per month/subscriber number of at least 1,000.

Please calculate 1 plus 5.
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