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Our volunteer registration is now activated and we would be happy if you could officially sign up at the bottom of this page.

We have summarized some important information for you before:


1. Procedure of the registration

If you have confirmed with the following form that you agree with our privacy protection regulations, you will be forwarded to the helper registration. This includes 10 pages that you should fill out. You will find our fill-in help with information about the individual steps on the next page.

After saving a page you will automatically be taken to the next one. Please do not navigate in the pages (forward / backward arrows in the browser), update or reload, otherwise the registration will be cancelled. If this happens, please write an e-mail to a.keller@isbev.de and we will get in touch with you.

After registration we will check your data for completeness and contact you  if we need further information. If everything is correct, we will provide you with further information after the working teams have been arranged. Of course, we try to respond to your wishes as much as possible. If this is not possible, since the teams may already be complete, we will get in touch with you and find together another team for you.

We will keep you updated here on the homepage and in the social media about the current status. Who has individual inquiries, can contact us under volunteers@wm2019.berlin.


2. Volunteers all around! We offer:

  • a cheerful and friendly community of Icelandic Horse enthusiasts and team players.
  • a free camping site only for volunteers directly on the event grounds.
  • A large meeting place for volunteers in the grandstand hall with information area, large kitchen, food and drinks, places to relax and electricity for mobile phones.
  • Balanced volunteer catering: We could win Krestine Verner Andersen from Denmark for the organisation and management of the volunteer catering. She already made everyone happy with good food at the 2015 World Championships in Herning.
  • A reception at the volunteers' information desk of Ulla Fliß and her team: Here you will get your volunteers' clothing, which will again be provided by our main sponsor Top Reiter, as well as schedules for the daily routine, chocolate in case of stress, tasks for the indefatigable and solutions for the unforeseen.
  • the possibility for 80 people who do not have their own tent to stay in one of 6 tents (occupancy: 4 tents á 10 people, 2 tents á 20 people). The tents are of course in the Volunteers-Camping and are provided free of charge. When registering, please indicate whether you would like to reserve one of these spaces!


3. Framework for volunteers:

  • You should be at least 18 years old. Younger helpers from 16 years are of course welcome as family helpers when accompanied by a parent.
  • The duration of the job varies depending on the task and the area. Some teams have fixed shift models, other teams have distributed working hours (e.g. 2 x 4 hours).
  • The period of volunteering is approx. 10 days. For this you can choose one (or both) of the offered time periods. We would be very happy if we also had some volunteers with us during the removal.


4. Privacy protection

Is my personal data secured?

We take privacy protection very seriously and would therefore like to explain to you, before you register as a volunteer, which data we will request and why:

  1. We need your contact data and some personal information such as your birthday. We will also ask you about your education and skills.
  2. We request this data and information from you so that we can get to know you and assign tasks to you at the World Championships that correspond as closely as possible to your wishes and abilities.
  3. Your data will be stored in the secure computer centre of our partner Papershift and will not be passed on to other third parties. The data is used exclusively by us, i.e. the ISB e.V., and persons authorised by us (e.g. team leaders) for the purpose of organising the 2019 World Championships.
  4. You can check at any time which data of yours is stored. In addition, we will delete your data if you wish, but unfortunately it will no longer be possible to participate in the World Championships as a volunteer.
  5. After the event we will delete all collected data of the volunteers.
  6. You can also find our official privacy policy here.


5. Areas of responsibility:

A big event like the World Championship offers many different tasks. So that you can get an idea in advance and consider which areas might be suitable for you, we have briefly described the currently planned volunteer teams below. In the areas of safety, helping service and stable maintenance there are night shifts possible.


This is where all-rounders are in demand who have an affinity for event- and IT technique and knows how to work with it.

Camera operator

If you have a good eye for beautiful moving pictures and technical understanding, you are in good hands here.

Area service

Various field with services such as oval track cleaning, feed, water and general transports. A driver's license and forklift/wheel loader experience are absolutely necessary for the transports on the site, but of course not for the oval track cleaning like removing apples.

Program support

Here you are responsible for the smooth expiration of the daily program and supports for example the Ring- and Show Masters.

Sponsors, fairs, VIP, ceremonies

Anyone who is communicative, has a confident appearance, is spontaneous and flexible will find a varied field of activity here.

Volunteer service

Here everything revolves around the welfare of the Volunteers, in that you care for the Volunteer info point, for the helper clothes provide (e.g. expenditure & washing) and you will stand all Volunteers with advice and act to the side. 

Kitchen team

The Volunteers catering is in our own hands and for it we need many Sous chefs, Gourmets and Chefs de rang, which like to prepare big portions, to cook and also do the dishes.

Cleaning team

Here the well-being of the guests stands in the foreground, for which you provide by independent working in a constant team.


Here you are the site keeper, car instructor, accountant, cleaner and camping friends.


If you have a confident appearance, don't let yourself be intimidated, like to work maybe at night and stroll across the grounds, but are still in the middle of the action, you will surely have a great time in the Safety team.

Stable management

The Stable management is responsible for everything that has to be done in the stable.

Vet area

Here (prospective) veterinarians and veterinary assistants are not set, but very much desired, which can go the tournament veterinarian to hand.

Visitor service

From grandstand service, admission, info point to tombola, the tasks in this area are very varied. Language talents can live themselves out especially here very much. Of course, the evening cleaning of the grandstands and visitors entrance are also part of this.

Child care

The name says it all. For the children's land we need experienced and responsible volunteers. Those who can also do make-up and make animal balloons will certainly be highly celebrated by the kids.


Here you get the deepest view behind the scenes and therefore people are needed who possess organisational talent and are stress resistant.

Press & Editorial department

We expect about 200 journalists from near and far, who have to be looked after in the press area. Also our online media like homepage, Facebook and Instagram have to be filled with pictures, stories and results. If you like writing texts and have some editorial experience, you will certainly have fun here.

Special disposal

Required: Special skills!

Solve problems, repair something, and so on. This team solves all tasks and problems that arise. Should another team need support or just a chaos have to be cleaned up, then they are fast to the place. Our fire brigade so to say! Requires flexibility and organizational talent but also handyman skill is advantageous.

6. Registration

Everything clear? Then you can start here with your registration, we are looking forward to you!


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