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From volunteer to being a rider

Hello, my name is Lena, I'm 21 years old and I'm from Vienna. 2015 I was at the World Championships in Herning for the first time. I came up with the idea in the autumn 2014, while I was working in Iceland and planed with some, mainly German girls, that we all would meet again at the World Championships in Herning.

At the time, that was more like a crazy idea, nevertheless we registered online as a volunteer. In the end Anne from Lübeck & I were together in Denmark 2015.

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Helping friends with a big event

Hi! I’m Hildur and am 20 years old. I come from Iceland, but I live in the south of Sweden where I am studying to become a nurse. I’ve loved horses for as long as I can remember and Icelandic horses have always been my favorite kind of horse, because they are so unique in my opinion.

During 2014 I was thinking about which kind of ticket I wanted to buy for the world championships for Icelandic horses in Herning in 2015. On the webpage I found a section where I could sign up as a volunteer. I decided to do so, and I got a great job in the ticket-team. Work did not feel like work. The work I did almost felt more like helping friends with a big event!

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Behind the scenes

Hello everybody, my name is Michaela, I´m 58 years old and I live in a village near Bonn. Since 1986 I own Icelandic Horses, at the moment 7, and since 2011 we have our own tiny stable.

At the WC 2013 in Berlin, I had the idea to volunteer at the next Championships. I realized this premise and so I became a team-member of the WC 2015 in Herning. My first job was giving out the volunteer clothes. When this position was no longer in demand, I changed to the betting booth what was a totally new experience. I haven´t seen this before on any Icelandic Horses WC. In our free time we met all together at the grandstands and watched and cheered all the great horses.

 The next WC in Oirschot also welcomed me. This time for two weeks.

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Back to Berlin

My name is Michelle and I'm from Switzerland.
Since I’ve been a child, I was crazy about Icelandic Horses. It was always one of my dreams to go and watch a World Championship. Around my 18th birthday I informed myself about the upcoming World Championship 2013 in Berlin Karlshorst. Being of a legal age now, I got new opportunities: Being a volunteer and taking a look behind the scenes, instead of just watching as a spectator. I didn't hesitate for a long time, I simply wanted to be part of this adventure! Said and done - I was signed in. 

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Bitten by a bug (a summer to remember)

We're a family of four but only the three of us registered as volunteers:
Ingvar, the father: has very little experience with horses but thinks that they taste good.
Iris, the mom: has ridden, owned and trained Icelandic horses since she was about 10 years old.
Dagny, the 13 year old daughter: has a burning interest in all horses in general but the Icelandic horse is special to her. We were born in Iceland but moved to Denmark in 2007, where we live now.

Why did we volunteer?

Our daughter rides a mix-breed of english warm-blood and norwegian Fjordhorse at a local club and Iris, the mom, has ridden and trained Icelandic- horses growing up in Iceland and because of our interest in Icelandic- horses, we were at the WC 2015 in Herning, Denmark and saw the information booth for WC 2017.

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