The long-awaited information on camping on the grounds of the Icelandic Horses World Championships 2019 in Berlin is now ready, the bookings can start.

At first, the booking option is exclusive to those who have already reserved a camping pitch. Further information and booking documents will be sent by e-mail to the campers in order of reservations and within a period of time the reservations can be converted into final bookings.

After this period, the information will also be published on this website and the direct booking will be unlocked. Reservations are, of course, still possible until then. Therefore, please send an e-mail with stating the number of camping pitches you want, if necessary a stand location note and your billing address to Britta Bauch,

If you are still looking for a caravan or motorhome, you can rent high-quality vehicles at low prices at Tremp Caravanland. Due to the proximity to the venue, a set-up is possible in advance, so that your vehicle is available on arrival.



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