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My name is Michelle and I'm from Switzerland.
Since I’ve been a child, I was crazy about Icelandic Horses. It was always one of my dreams to go and watch a World Championship. Around my 18th birthday I informed myself about the upcoming World Championship 2013 in Berlin Karlshorst. Being of a legal age now, I got new opportunities: Being a volunteer and taking a look behind the scenes, instead of just watching as a spectator. I didn't hesitate for a long time, I simply wanted to be part of this adventure! Said and done - I was signed in.

As they were still looking for help in the security department, I got asked to become part of this department. For a second my enthusiasm faded... Me? Little Michelle working in the security department? What seemed to be impossible to me in the beginning, became one of my best experiences ever! Everyone was very helpful and I found new friends quickly. I soon got the hang of it and had lots of fun doing my job. When I tell people about my experiences nowadays, I still get shiny eyes and astonish them, as none would guess that I did something like that.
My personal highlight of this World Championship was the Old Heroes Show, a group of former World Champion Horses, which once again showed a little performance. An incredible atmosphere causing goosebumps and carrying back one’s mind to the past!

Since then, I still have been in contact with other volunteers which I met in Berlin. I unfortunately missed the last two World Championships, because I was living and working in Iceland at that time. A reunion in Berlin at the World Championship 2019 is already planned though. Being part of the volunteers team means becoming part of this great event in a totally different way, having lots of fun and growing as a person!

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