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See you in Berlin

Hi, I am Saskia, 33 years old, from Buchholz near Hamburg. I have been totally crazy about Icelandic horses for 28 years. In 2014, I had been a volunteer at Landsmót in Iceland and wanted to check whether there was a similar opportunity to volunteer for the World Championships. So I searched the web for the WM homepage and found it. Thus, Herning/Denmark here I come.

Already when signing up I you could choose your favorite job. So it was clear long time before the WC that I will be part of the ticketing team. Full of anticipation, I hit the road to Herning. At the campsite I was warmly welcomed by Camping-Heinz who showed me the site for my “Bulli”. He also gave brief instructions about where I could find the cafeteria, where I could pick up my clothes and where the presentation of the team leader takes place.

Then everything went by itself. Within a short time I met many incredibly nice people. Icelanders, Danes, Germans, Swedes and many more nations. All of them were just as horse crazy as I am. The 6 hours daily work passed by really fast. The rest of the day we spent on the grandstands to marvel at the best of the best on the track. In the evenings we enjoyed some dancing to live music or had a blast with many volunteers.

It was very interesting to see the variety of jobs which had to be done to make such an event running. It was a great feeling to be part of this special team. It was clear asap: I will be part of the team again in 2017 in the Netherlands!

So two years later together with Hildur (I have met her in Herning in 2015) I went to Oirschot/Netherlands. This time I worked in the safety team, which was soon called “Happy-Team-Safety”. A new thing was the choir in which one could participate. During the opening ceremony we sang the World Cup song "We run as one" on the oval track. I tell you, pure goose bumps!

After all, it was an incredibly nice experience to help behind the scenes. It did not even feel like work! I registered directly for the 2019 World Cup in Berlin and am looking forward to meet again former and also new volunteers!

Don’t think about it, simply sign up as a volunteer for the WM2019 in Berlin! There are great jobs for one!

See you all in Berlin :)

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