Árni Björn: „I’d love to compete in Berlin!“

In less than one year the Karlshorst Equestrian Center once again will be the showcase of the World Championships for Icelandic Horses. One name that was not on the Icelandic team back in 2013 but who now is widely considered to be a very promising candidate for 2019 is Árni Björn Pálsson. This master rider from the land of fire and ice just won the prestigious tölt at Landsmót in Reykjavík, and he certainly seems to be very much looking forward to the prospect of competing in Berlin next summer:

„Of course, I have already heard a lot of great things about Berlin“, says Árni Björn with a smile on his face, „and should I be able to qualify next year, I will be really happy to be a part of the team in this fascinating city. Whether it will be with breeding horses or in sport - first off, all my horses will hopefully stay healthy. But when all that is fine, I’m sure we will try to do our very best - for our home country of Iceland and also for the great audience in the German capital. It would be amazing to come to Berlin to go head to head with my colleagues from the other countries. Let’s keep our fingers crossed everything goes well until then, so we’ll meet again at WM 2019!“


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WC Team represented in Sweden and Austria

The World Championships Team has split up to be represented at the Nordic AND Central European Championships in southern Sweden and upper Austria with an information stand. Here you can get information about the World Championships, reserve tickets and camping spots and register as volunteers.

Bernhard and Ulla Fliß are there for you in Sweden, Linda Guth at the MEM in St. Radegund.

Come by if you have any questions!


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The World Championships as a guest in Lichtenberg

The district office takes over the patronage

The cooperation agreement has been signed. The district Lichtenberg, where the Icelandic Horses World Championships 2019 will take place, will become partner, supporter and patron of the Icelandic Horses World Championships.

We are very pleased to find the up-and-coming family district at our side in organising the international event, to create mutual platforms and to put together a great supporting and cultural programme for all spectators as well as for the residents of Lichtenberg.
The event starts with Lichtenberg Day on August 4th for the opening of the World Championships.

To a good cooperation and a unique event in Berlin Lichtenberg!


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