Volunteer registration deadline: 23 June 2019  

Dear volunteers and those who still want to become one,

WM2019 is fast approaching and so do we get closer to the final planning. Therefore, the general helper registration ends by 23 June 2019. If you spontaneously decide to be part of our team, you can contact us from 24 June 2019 via the e-mail address helfer[at] and we will see what is possible.

Currently, we need:

-   Volunteers for the construction before the event (from 15 July 2019)
-   Volunteers for the dismantling after the event (until approx. 18 August 2019)
-   Volunteers for the kitchen
-   All-rounder
-   Helpers with very good IT – knowledge

We do NOT need any more helpers for:

-   Vet-Area
-   Childcare
-   Warming-up area
-   Track service

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Talented and purposeful: Olivia Ritschel  

Olivia Ritschel is one of the young talents of Icelandic horse sports in Germany. She had qualified as Young Rider at the World Championships 2017. These young riders up to the age of 21 start in the adult class but have their own judgement. Olivia has won the T1 and four-gait combination C4 of the Young Riders in 2017 with her stallion Alvar fra Stóra-Hofi.

Challenge in the adult field

As reigning world champion, the 22-year-old will be allowed to compete at WM2019 without renewed qualification but will have to compete with the adults this time around. Like 2017, Olivia will compete with Alvar frá Stóra-Hofi.

Olivia's equestrian career has begun in Überlingen on Lake Constance with shetlandpony Klemenz.


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Vikingyr: Icelandic Lamb Specialties and Viking Village

Iceland is not only known for its horses, but the sheep on the island are also something very special. There are about four times more sheep than horses and just like the Icelandic horse, the Icelandic sheep has been purely bred for many centuries and thus copes very well with the harsh conditions on the island in the far north. Icelandic lamb is a particularly popular specialty and has been available in Germany for some time now. The Vikingyr brand has launched the original Icelandic lamb on the German market. We are very pleased that Vikingyr supports WM2019 in Berlin as an official partner and not only provides us with meat for volunteer catering but will also be represented with a traditional Viking Village on the WM venue. In addition to Icelandic lamb specialties, there will be great activities here. The younger WM2019 visitors can make wool, forge iron, draw paper and shoot with the crossbow.

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