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Sports Metropolis Berlin

Berlin is a sports metropolis and, alongside science and culture, sport is one of the city's outstanding strengths: international sporting events and top-class sport are just as much at home here as leisure and popular sport with its diverse sports offerings. A network of versatile sports facilities, arenas and competition venues - with the Olympic Stadium as a sporting landmark - all this stands for the sports enthusiasm and quality of life of the capital of sport.

Hardly any other city can boast as many major sporting events as the sports metropolis. Among the internationally renowned sporting events are the annual Berlin Marathon and the International Stadium Festival (ISTAF), but also some particularly outstanding events such as the International German Gymnastics Festival in 2017 or this year's European Athletics Championships. The Senate Sports Administration sponsors around 40 national and international sporting events every year.


Ditrict Lichtenberg

Lichtenberg is the eleventh administrative district of Berlin with over 275,000 inhabitants. The district united ten parts, among others the district Karlhorst, where the Icelandic Horse World Championship takes place again.

The district coat of arms Lichtenberg was awarded on 28.02.2006 by the senate. The coat of arms borrowed figures from the coat of arms of the two former districts Hohenschönhausen (the golden ears in blue) and Lichtenberg (the symbol of the district name in the upper part of the sign) merged to the new district Lichtenberg.



The Icelandic Horse Riders and Breeders Association was founded in 1958 and today has over 25,000 members under the leadership of President Uli Döing, who are organised in twelve national associations and their 144 local riding clubs. These members enjoy a potential of about 60,000 Icelandic horses.



FEIF is bringing people together in their passion for the Icelandic horse

FEIF is the International Federation of Icelandic Horse Associations, composed of  Icelandic Horse associations in 21 countries. FEIF, from the German Föderation Europäischer Islandpferde-Freunde (Federation of European Icelandic horse friends), was established in 1969 in Switzerland. As a federation of national Icelandic horse associations, FEIF is the sum total of the members of these organisations.  That means: FEIF really is you – and about 80.000 other people who love, ride, breed, care for, and passionately enjoy the Icelandic horse, wherever they may live, from Iceland to New Zealand.


RBO - Rehabilitation Center Berlin-East

RBO is a social institution based primarily in the Berlin districts of Lichtenberg and Marzahn-Hellersdorf. For over 25 years, it has offered people a wide range of support and assistance options.

The core of the work is the support of people with intellectual disabilities in self-determined living. The people who come to the RBO can choose between different types of housing: You can live in residences, in shared flats or be looked after by our specialists in your own home.


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