Stallions Night 08.08.

Something truly special will be created and celebrated at this year’s World Championships – the first ever Stallions Night. Some of the most beautiful and talented stallions on the continent will be presented in an entertaining show on Thursday evening, 08 August 2019.

After the successful stud shows at previous World Championships, the goal of the WM2019 is to stage the breeding in a new setting in order to provide a platform for both the large stud farms and smaller breeders.

This is how the idea of Stallions Night was born. Participating stallions will be presented for six minutes each in a freestyle ridden performance on the oval and/or the pace track in our WM2019 stadium. Upon entering, they will be presented both by our speakers as well as through an introduction on the big screen. Additionally, all participating stallions will be presented very prominently in our WM2019 magazine (only possible with registration until 20.06.2019). Breeders and owners of participating stallions can also use this day to present further advertising materials (flyers, brochures, ...) on their featured horses to the audience at all WM2019 info booths throughout the venue at no extra cost. And – of course – the Stallions Night will be featured on our live stream as well!

Should breeding farms so desire, they may certainly combine individual horses’ time slots into their very own “collections” during the show program. The same goes for stallions which are presented with offspring.

A special treat: the audience during Stallions Night will be voting on their favorites, and we will invite back – free of charge, of course – the top 5 stallions to present themselves again during our special Saturday-night show program More Horsepower in front of what will surely be a full house.

Register online for Stallions Night

For foreign participants it is also possible to register by mail to Please send us your address data as well as the FEIF-IDs of the participating horses.

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